Dear colleagues,
Dear friends,
Dearest gap junction community,

After a long period of physical gap, it is time to reestablish junctions. We are all tired of zooming and are yearning for connexions in person!

The organizing team is delighted and excited to welcome you to the IGJC 2022 in the beautiful city of A Coruña here in Spain. We have tried to put together a meeting that not only covers different aspects of connexin, innexin and pannexin biology, but also gives the floor to scientists from diverse countries and cultures in different stages of their careers—blending health and disease, signaling and trafficking, disciplines and resources, curiosity and experience. We do believe this 2022 IGJC provides the perfect environment to present and discuss your work, in a warm and stimulating atmosphere, fostering networking and collaborations. The vibrating and fruitful discussions with colleagues and friends during these days will pave the way for you to propel the impact of your research. Belonging to the unique gap junction community means support, generosity, kindness, and friendship. This is what you can expect from this meeting. We dare to say that we work in the most important and beautiful area of biology.

We now know that the role of connexins and pannexins goes beyond a passive role in facilitating the flow of small molecules. There is broad consensus for their essential role in diverse biological processes implicated in pathological conditions, thus making them relevant druggable targets. The 2022 IGJC is the ideal venue to highlight this pertinence of connexins, innexins and pannexins in their multiple dimensions and to stay up to date on the latest exciting advancements in the field.

Besides the scientific events, you will find plenty of time for social interaction, time to get to know your colleagues better, and opportunities to explore this wonderful city, its superb cuisine, and its beautiful surroundings.

If you think that you have witnessed everything, we will surprise you in A Coruña, where you will find a new world to explore, scientifically, socially, and culturally.

Enjoy the meeting!


The IGJC 2022 Executive Committee.