April 13, 2021

On April 13, 2021, the gap junction community had the pleasure to listen to Dr. Andres Tittarelli from Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana of Chile, showing the role of Cx43-mediated intercellular communications in cancer cell immunity. Dr. Iva Sovadinova from Masaryk University, told us about the Testicular Gap Junction Intercellular communication as a Functional Biomarker of Reproductive Toxicity and Dr. Mauricio Lillo from Rutgers University unveiled how Cx43 hemichannels remodelling promotes arrhythmias upon cardiac stress. Three more pieces in the immense and exciting connexin-pannexin-innexin puzzle. More than 70 people from all around the world were connected via Zoom to attend the sixth IGJC webminar and many more joined via live YouTube stream. Many thanks to all the speakers, participants and attendees.

Do not miss the next webinar taking place on Wednesday May 26.