Past Conferences

IGJC 2019

IGJC 2019

July 27 – 31, 2019
Victoria, BC, Canada
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N.B. Gilula Star Award Winners:

Cherie Brown, York University
“Sensorimotor behavior in the Connexin-35B (CX35B) Knock-out Zebrafish (Danio Rerio)”

Erin Mulkearns-Hubert, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
“Development of CX46 targeting strategy for cancer stem cells”

Juan Sanchez-Aria, University of Victoria
“Pannexin 1 regulates neuronal networks and dendritic spine formation in cortical networks”

Marta Varela-Eirin, INIBIC
“Connexin43 – Positive exosomes efficiently induce cellular senescence via P53/P16 (INK4A) in target cells contributing to osteoarthritis progression”

IGJC 2017

IGJC 2017

July 29 – August 2, 2017
Glasgow, Scotland

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Oral Presentation Awards:

Isola Brown, Michigan State University
“Innovating studies on modulating hemichannel activity in the enteric nervous system”

Cherie Brown, York University
“Studies on the transport of Connexin36 in neuronal cells”

Y-hsin Chiu, University of Virginia
“Work on the activation of pannexin 1 channels”

Stephanie Fowler, University of Ottawa
“Who provided a novel insight for connexin32 in mitochondrial function”

Poster Prizes, sponsored by Portland Press and the British Pharmacology Society:

Julia Abitbol, University of Western Ontario
“Severe loss-of-Connexin 43 function leads to hearing loss in a mutant mouse model of oculodentodigital dysplasia”

Jonathan Boucher, CNRS ERL 7368
“Pannexin-1 modulates in vitro lymphanigiogenesis”

Miranda Good, University of Virginia
“Spironolactone can act on Pannexin 1 channels in smooth muscle cells to regulate vasoconstriction and blood pressure”

Tinneke Delvaeye, Ghent University
“A role for Connexin 43 hemichannels in sepsis-induced renal vascular permeability”

IGJC 2015

IGJC 2015

March 28 – April 2, 2015
Valparaiso, Chile
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IGJC 2013

IGJC 2013

July 13 – 18, 2013
Charleston, South Carolina, USA